Our agency is committed to comply with the “rules AssurMiFID” and therefore shares the following information:


1.1. Information relating to the concept of insurance mediation

Our agency offers insurance mediation services, meaning the activities that consist of insurance contracts, presentation, proposal, implementation of preparatory work for the subscription agreements insurance or underwriting of insurance contracts itself, as well as assistance in managing and executing them.

1.2. Codes of the branches and their titles

  1. Accidents
  2. Disease
  3. Vehicle Casco with the exception of rolling railway equipment
  4. Casco rolling railway equipment
  5. Fire and natural forces
  6. Other property damage
  7. RC compulsory motor vehicles
  8. RC aircraft
  9. RC sea- and inland waterways
  10. General RC
  11. Credit
  12. Surety
  13. Divers financial losses
  14. Legal protection
  15. Support
  16. Life insurance not affiliated to investment funds, except for treasury- and maternity insurance
  17. Treasury- and birth insurance, not affiliated to investment funds
  18. Life- treasury- and birth insurance affiliated to investment funds
  19. Capitalization
  20. Management of collective pension funds

Our office assures that all comparative information – including advertising – provided to you as a client will meet the following conditions:
• The equation must be made meaningful, correct and balanced
• It must mention the information sources used for the comparison
• It must state the main facts and hypotheses used for the comparison

When referring to a certain tax treatment, the principle applies that the tax treatment depends on individual circumstances of the client and that it may change in future. This will always be indicated.
Our office is committed to make the advertising as such recognizable.


Our office is registered with the FSMA as an insurance broker under the number 111 282 A. The FSMA can be obtained from the following address: Authority for Financial Services and Markets, Congress Street 12-14, 1000 Brussels, tel. +32 (0) 2 220.52. 11, fax. +32 (0) 2 220 52 75


In the light of ‘’AssurMiFID “ -regulation, we conduct conflict of interest policy. For more information regarding this aspect please visit our website.


“For our insurance mediation service, we receive in principle a compensation from the insurance company, this fee is a part of the premium that you pay as a customer. Any costs or associated charges to be charged, will always be notified in advance. For further information please contact us at the following e-mail address: info@i4g.be. »

* Law of 30 July 2013 on the strengthening of the protection of users of financial products and services and the skills of the FSMA and various provisions and the AR February 21, 2014 the rules on the application of Articles 27 to 28a of the Law of 2 August 2002 on the supervision of the financial sector and financial services in the insurance sector and the AR of 21 February 2014 relating to the legal rules of conduct and legal rules on conflicts of interest management in the insurance industry.